Alarm Clock Light

alarm clock light Alarm Clock Light

Alarm Clock Light

The idea of waking up naturallywith an alarm clock light is a great improvement over being jolted awake suddenly and sharply by the unforgiving loud noise from your alarm clock. Research as shown that in the early morning your biological clock is sensitive to low level light. Therefore by waking to a steadily increasing light you get a more natural transition from sleeping to waking. This means you will begin the day feeling more refreshed and in a calmer and better mood.

Natural light alarm clocks gradually illuminate your bedroom over a period of time just like the sun does every morning. The process can start from around 15 to 90 minutes prior to your designated wake up time and can be adjustable depending on the model of alarm clock light and your particular needs. Most people will awaken naturally with these subtle changes in lighting. However these gradual light alarm clocks also feature an audible alarm just in case it is required.

A natural alarm clock light can double as a useful adjustable bedside light. They may also be set at bedtime to gradually decrease in light like a relaxing sundown. This will help you drift off to sleep naturally too.

An alarm clock light can be good for your health. Light is well known to have an affect on human behavior, moods and activity. Clinical studies have shown these alarm clock lights will help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), some forms of depression, and various sleep disorders. Increasing daytime energy will also be helpful in limiting weight gain during the winter months when people often feel less active.

Recommended models of natural alarm clock light include the Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio, various versions of the BioBrite Sunrise Clock where gradual sunrise simulation wakes you gently and naturally including the Biorite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise to drown out other background sounds to help you fall asleep, and BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio. The Philips Wake-up Light features 20 different brightness settings, dusk simulator to help you drift off to sleep and optional FM radio and nature sounds for a very pleasant and natural way to wake up. There are also some nice children’s versions of alarm clock lights such as the EZ Wake Junior Sunrise Alarm Clock with features such as a magical moon and stars globe, alternative fade-to-darkness or fade-to-nightlight.

An alarm clock light will be a great investment life choice for you. Sleeping and wakening patterns have profound influences on our lives. It makes so much sense to get the best possible advantage by sleeping and waking healthily that will help your whole lifestyle in all aspects from work to play, health, exercise, mood and wellbeing. I have found this myself and I am passionate to help other people find out how such a simple item can be of such tremendous benefit.

Here on my site I feature lots of information about a wide range of the best natural light alarm clocks. You will find reviews and features of the top alarm clock lights. you can compare the best alarm clock light from trusted brands and find your perfect natural light alarm clock at the lowest price.

You will find these Sunrise alarm clocks make ideal natural alarm clock lights and will enhance your life. They help your wellbeing and general mood as you wake up and see the world in a brand new light every day with a healthy natural alarm clock light.

alarm clock lights Alarm Clock Light